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Washington Capitals grumblings and other good stuff about hockey! If you’re a Caps fan, long time or new, Powerplay Point has something for you!

August 18, 2020

Show #142—Long and Opinionated. That’s What She Said.

Recorded August 16, 2020

Well our Caps are on the brink, and nobody here at the PPP is happy about it. And because we're not happy about it, we go on a rant like you cannot believe.

Okay maybe you can believe it but you're probably not going to like a lot of what we say if you're used to us being positive.  But we're both longtime fans.  And you have your voice too and we're happy to hear any feedback you have. Always. Because we are here for you,

We're not giving up.  But it doesn't look good, listeners.  See you next week.  Hoping wishing and praying for a 3-3 split by then.....




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