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Washington Capitals grumblings and other good stuff about hockey! If you’re a Caps fan, long time or new, Powerplay Point has something for you!


Recorded October 13, 2019

Our Caps hit a rough patch and some fellow fans are up in arms about it.  We've got it covered. The main focus will be the so-called goaltending controversy some say exists.  SPOILER ALERT---It doesn't.

But before that there's Anna's visit to the Dulles Expo and with Our Mermaid there's never a Dulles moment. She talks about meeting up with some loyal listeners and fellow fans including our consigliere, Christian Levesque.

Take a deep breath folks....the season's just getting started. But again we've got you covered.

As always we are your can't-do-without-it Survival Guide for the Caps Fan.







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Recorded Oct. 6, 2019

Anna and I go over Opening week for Our Washington Capitals. We begin the hockey talk with our second go around for the common leitmotif.  This week's theme---Canadian Caps players and their origins.  See if you can spot the three players and the common place from whence they came.

Next, an impromptu love fest for one of the newcomers on the team--Garnet Hathaway.  His brand of intensity and strong play are a welcome sight in the District.

No stats this week, it's just too darn early.  But Anna and I do offer an evaluation of how the team has done overall (hint pretty good) and what needs to improve (SPOILER ALERT--the power play).





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Recorded September 29, 2019

Anna and I go over the trials and tribulations of the end of Caps' training camp as well as the final preseason game vs a new/old foe.

A couple of our loyal listeners chime in with some questions and concerns about the team...

With the help of Tom Gulitti's article we also go over what will most likely the final roster and some concerns to be answered in the long and short term.

Can't wait for the opener?  Neither can we,  But it won't be long now!  See you at the games!








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September 18, 2019

Show #107—-Mess Rehearsal

Recorded Sep. 17, 2019

Break out the tents, training camp is open!

Anna and I go over some recent events specifically regarding our resident bad boy...

Happy (belated) birthday to our Captain!  Get your bowl of OVI-O's!

I had the pleasure (courtesy of loyal listener Lisa Desabrais) of seeing the first preseason game live at Capital One. Most of the show will cover that opening tilt vs the Blackhawks that took place two nights ago. But not before we plug the services of an all around good guy.

The review continues with an evaluation of the individual efforts.  The usual who played good,who played bad, etc.  Featuring extended game winning goal commentary.

Be sure to keep an ear out for this episode's common theme...see if you can guess what it is!



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Hello Caps Fans!

Hope you are all having a great summer.  Anna and I return for this special edition albeit under less than ideal circumstances.  First we begin by talking about how we've spent our summers.  SPOILER ALERT---her story is far better than mine!  We then get into the Caps' major off-season moves and our opinions on same.

Finally the last half of the episode is devoted to more recent events.  You know what it is--Evgeny Kuznetsov's recent revelation about his cocaine use.  No sense sugar coating it here. The both of of us provide our one-of-a-kind honest assessment of the situation as a whole.  We're just simply two Washington Capitals fans speaking from our hearts and hope you appreciate it.  But it's safe to say we both have #92's best interests at heart.

Only a few weeks 'til training camp and then another 2 weeks 'til puck drop in St. Louis! 

Thanks to all of our 1,000 followers on Podbean!  We are honored and humbled.

Additional production music by DJKA (Andy Myers).  My thanks to him for giving his time and talents once again.

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Recorded April 29, 2019

It will not be back to back....and it sucks.

Anna and I along with Special Guest Star Christian Levesque, our one and only Consigliere gather together to close the curtain on the season that was 2018-19.

The discussion centers around a question posed by longtime listener Kevin Simmons who helps us ponder what is to be with next year's roster. And as always there's some agreements, some disagreements...and always good discussion. What went right, and what went not so right...

We close (after the sign-off) with messages from several special fans (in order of play: Josh Kirby, Sonia Kendall, Ron Diehl, Lisa Desabrais, and a very special fan who has the last word for 2019).

As was said in a tweet by the Stanley Cup himself and itself to our Captain..."It's not goodbye...it's see you later."

Until training camp in September...thanks for listening!




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Recorded April 19, 2019

Anna and I are providing this Special Edition of the show to serve as a preview for tomorrow night's Game 5 of the Capitals' Metropolitan Division semifinal against the Bunch of Jerks.

The first part is devoted to being a guide for the remainder of the series.  What to look for, how the Caps can succeed and most importantly how to get the momentum of the series back ASAP.

The second part is nothing more than another old fashioned dustup between yours truly and the Mermaid herself. This one is about the coaching and neither of us pulls any punches.



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Recorded  April 15, 2019

I am no Mermaid. But my co host is.

We gather again to go over Games 1 and 2 in the Washington Capitals First Round Stanley Cup Playoff series against the Carolina Hurricanes.  What was good, what was bad, what was mediocre.  All of it, no stone unturned.  Well maybe some anyway. After all it's only an hour show.

We end the show on a high by celebrating recent events including another title for the USA Women's hockey program as well as a special announcement about Heather Bingham.

As always, be sure to catch Anna on the Sports on the Hill Podcast for Caps talk in the first segment.

Download us, enjoy us and for the love of all that is Holtby, tell a Caps fan about us!







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Recorded April 9, 2019

It is that wonderful time of year again!  Cup Defense!

Anna and I welcome back our very own Consigliere the one and only Christian Levesque from the True Caps Fans Facebook room.  He provides his usual sage advice on what we can expect from this year's playoffs run.  You might be surprised by who he believes is this year's most important player on the team.

We also give a brief but interesting take on the other seven series in the First Round, Anna chimes in on a few favorites especially one in the West that's close to her heart.

Hard to believe it all started almost a year to the day exactly, but here we are!





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Recorded April 2, 2019

Blueliner's back baby!

Anna and I welcome back the always wonderful Robbie Gross from Sports On the Hill Podcast to discuss various topics concerning Caps' fans behavior.  This of course fueled by thee recent up-and-down play plus other recent events.

We end with a discussion about potential playoff opponents for the Caps now that they have clinched the right to defend the Cup.

Apologies for the sparse notes, it is after 10 pm as I am doing this.

You're welcome.





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