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Recorded June 9, 2020

My sincerest apologies for the lateness of this posting...

Recent events have shown that there are things more important than Caps hockey.  This podcast episode talks about two of those events. The first of which of course have to do with the racial conflicts touched off by George Floyd's murder. Friend of the show and fellow Caps fan Stewart Small takes the reins and leads both Anna and I in an honest and hopefully thought provoking discussion about race relations and what can be learned from recent events so that there may be a chance they are not repeated. Both Stewart and Anna share very intensely personal stories about their experiences as both witnesses and victims of racism.

In a transitional segment yes, we actually discuss some hockey.  Phase 2 of the NHL's Return to Play plan is underway and already the seeds have been planted.  Also Anna and I discuss the nomination of Michal Kempny for the Bill Masterton Memorial trophy.

Finally we celebrate the life of fellow Caps fan Frank Kirchner. We honor his memory and his life with this segment as best we can. He was a great fan but an even better man. We wish his loved ones well and offer our deepest condolences to them.  The dedication to Frank begins at 1:13:30 of this episode for all of out non hockey friends who knew and loved him.

Hope this isn't too serious of an episode, but it had to be done.  One day soon hockey will return to try and provide a bit of relief...







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Recorded May 25, 2020

The Mermaid is back! But what about hockey?

Before the discussion, I take time to publicly thank those who purchased a handmade mask made by Mrs. Blueliner.

It's been announced that the NHL is planning on moving on to "Phase 2"....whatever that means.  We discuss this plus the intended, but not official, playoff format and how it may affect the Caps.

Remember those who have fallen....

NOTE---this episode had already been recorded at the time of the NHL Commissioner's announcement.  Be assured we will discuss this and other developments on nest week's show!




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Recorded May 17, 2020

Anna has hit the road!  But just for this week.

Filling in is my lovely wife Jennie who stirs things up in our two main topics for the week: what makes championship caliber Stanley Cup team and how the restart of the season, if there is one, should be handled.  

Jennie for those not familiar is the creator of the Caps masks made available at our show page. She has more information to their future availability.

Speaking of masks finally we are announcing the winner of the Blueliner autographed mask auction--loyal listener Eric Hayes. Tune in for the special announcement which includes the charity to benefit.  HINT--think heroes.






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Recorded 4/26/20

More COVID19 quarantine rumblings and grumblings.  Especially since our Mermaid's talents have been wasted through disappointing, er, distance learning.

But we here at the PPP have decided to put her teaching skills to good use!  Every Caps player who played at least 10 games (and one new addition who fell just short of that) gets graded based on this season's performance by the Mermaid herself. Of course there's also additional commentary by yours truly.

This episode runs rather long and while we do apologize for that, we're not sorry for providing additional content completely free of charge!






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Recorded April 19, 2020

Anna and I (together again!!!!) come back to discuss life as Caps fans during the ongoing pandemic crisis.  "Ain't technology great?" is all I have to say about that!

FAKE NEWS ALERT---Braden Holtby ain't going anywhere.  At least for now.

We continue with a play by play of listener Ron Diehl's latest "Diehl-a-Meal" cooking video guaranteed to make you hungry for Ledo's pizza.  Or in this case a brilliantly recreated version of it.

Our original plan was to have Ryan Fines back on for a one-month status update on the battle against COVID 19, but due to his understandably busy schedule he was not able to make it.  He does however have a message for all of us in the DMV, so be sure to listen.

We end with a hilarious Google Search that will surely help you forget about the shut-in life for a while.  Let's just say you'll never see camping the same again!






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Recorded April 12, 2020

Going solo for this episode, the Mermaid is off with planning for lessons for kiddoes...

This is a "half" episode designed solely for equipment testing but nonetheless meant to entertain you as well during this period of quarantine.

Speaking of periods I go over one of my favorite Caps games (again) of all time--the Easter Epic.  While nothing will ever match the thrill of that first Cup in 2018, this game comes pretty close.

At the end I have a message of hope and thanks for all our listeners.  I appreciate your bearing with us during all this mess.




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Recorded March 29, 2020

Surviving the Quarantine....

Anna and I talk about Week 3 of No Hockey Lamenting as we discuss how our lives have been affected by our various situations. (NOTE---at the time of the recording the State of Maryland had NOT issued the Shelter In Place addendum to Gov. Hogan's executive Order).  Telework.  Lots of Telework...

We did indulge in the simulated game as called by Joe B and Locker. We tried to enjoy it.  We really did. (SPOILER ALERT--neither of us are fans)

Speaking of video games, I try to help out a listener with a FRIEND who as a problem with a popular handheld video game console...

Finally Anna and I take a trip down Memory Lane as we both discuss that very fateful night---June 7, 2018.  Where we were, what we were doing (DUH) and what we were feeling at the time.

And we had a TON of help from a loyal listener--A MILLION thanks to you, Robin J King! As well as even more help from many Caps fans from the #! Washington Capitals Fans Facebook group! My thanks to each and every one of you for making a very fond memory come very much alive again.

Special thanks also to Mr. John Walton for making himself available for the Charity recording.







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Recorded March 22, 2020


It's an 86 minute call in line with several members of our wonderful listeners (in order of appearance): Stewart Small, Lisa Desabrais and Grant Green.  (Plus a cameo appearance at the end by Mrs. Blueliner!) The five of us go on to discuss mainly how our lives have been altered by the ever growing pandemic and alllllllllllll that goes with it.  

We DO manage to get in a bit of Caps talk somewhere in there, but I really think you will enjoy learning about your fellow Caps fan this episode.

Hockey will return.  It will happen one day soon enough. But first we have to get through this. Together.

You the listener are welcome to make your voice heard along with us.  Let us know you still live and breathe Caps hockey!







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Recorded March 15, 2020

COVID19 is a reality.  And the NHL where our Capitals play has ground to a crashing halt as a result.

But the Caps did manage to get one game in during the last full week.  Anna and I go over what happened.  Sit back and enjoy my avoiding a stroke as it happened to have ended in a (YUCK) shootout.

On to very real health concerns...our Special Guest for this episode is Ryan Fines who is a health worker for the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Given this unique situation we hockey fans find ourselves in, I personally asked him to come on the show and share his wealth of knowledge given his experience in dealing with outbreaks and disease control.  I think you will find what he has to say both useful as well as reassuring.

Ryan is of course a rabid Caps fan and stays on to talk Caps hockey with us.  You will want to pay attention to his take on things like the coaching staff as well as how they need to deal with the potentially long break. Especially the coaching staff :)

Apologies for the episode length but there was a LOT to cover...

From all of us here at the Powerplay Point Podcast we urge you to follow the current health guidelines as closely as possible as you will be saving both your life and someone else's by doing it.  Please stay safe and we thank you for your support of both Our Caps and the show! Hockey will come back one day soon enough...

Visit the links below for the latest information:

District of Columbia:







World Health Organization: (Did not want to forget our International listeners---thank you!)


Centers for Disease Control:


For the DMV:






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Recorded March 8, 2020

It's Anna's birthday week and we celebrate with a 2 win week (we'll take it).

A quick (sort-of) run-through of the week's doings on-ice: A loser point and two wins.  Not bad but not exactly Cup winning type of play.  Yet.  But it's all worth it when one of those wins comes against the hated black and gold team.

Our guest analyst for the week Rashelle Wilcox joins us to give her take on the Caps recent roller coaster ride over the last few weeks.  Let's just say she's not shy about who's doing well and who isn't.  Trust me when I say you will be hearing (and seeing) more of her in the coming weeks.

Finally we end with a sloppy sentimental (more sloppy than anything) dedication for Anna's birthday.  It ain't every day your young lady turns a certain age that shall not be mentioned upon penalty of death.








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