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Washington Capitals grumblings and other good stuff about hockey! If you’re a Caps fan, long time or new, Powerplay Point has something for you!

March 21, 2017

Show #29–Playoffs here we stumble!

Ugh, another Left Coast trip sees the Caps retun in a state of being Californication...

But it looks like our boys have gotten things back on track.  Also, I weigh in on an internal debate between defenseman and playing time.

We also celebrate a new fan celebrity among our ranks, none other than a gentleman from across the sea I'm proud to call a friend.  I retell the story of his awesome soothsaying during a recent game.

In other news there are playoffs that are in the process of just getting to a looooong start.  And there is the conclusion of the other Cup.

Winding up the show is a look back at a former Caps' goalie who uh has our number.  Enjoy!




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