Show #41: The Road Turns Bumpy

> October 17th, 2017 ---

Record Date: October 16, 2017

Anna and I are back for another week of Caps coverage, we take you though Week #2...and the Caps certainly played like a big pile of #2. 'Nuff said. Topics include the injury to Matt Niskanen, scenarios both long and short term for replacing him, potential solutions for the Defense and the team going forward as well as a look at the next 2 weeks' worth of scheduled games.

As always, Anna will be chiming (charming) in with her keen observations, thoughts and musings from her unique point of view...

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Show #40–Week 1 in the Books…for all time!

> October 12th, 2017 ---

Recorded Oct. 10. 2017

Thanks to all our listeners!

Superfan Anna Knox joins me again for another round of Caps hockey talk at the Point...

This episode recaps the week that was including the historic exploits of the Great Eight totaling a 7 spot in his first two games. Plus Nate Walker's historic first game as an NHLer and a Cap. Whoooole lotta history going on!

We also discuss the first loss of the season against the Lightning and what went wrong. SPOILER ALERT: it wasn't the goaltending! Because Anna said so!

RIP Dave Strader (1955-2017) Don't forget this is Hockey Fights Cancer month.

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Show #39: New Season, New Beginnings

> October 5th, 2017 ---

Back(strom) for more!

We open the Caps's 44th season and the other half of the "we" is my good friend Anna Knox! She brings a fresh perspective and will share her thoughts and observations on our Caps starting here in this episode.  Also new this season to the show is the new intro/outro music supplied by guitar genius Joe McAllister AKA Slowey Joey.

Anna and I discuss the goings on during the preseason, how the roster is taking shape, etc.  There's also extended commentary about a certain player who will be starting the season in the press box thanks to the Department of Player Safety.  Plus an outlook on how the Caps will fare given all the new faces and the increased competition they will be up against this year.

To close, we will also give our opinions on a topic that has affected sports and now might show itself in the NHL--the National Anthem protests.

RIP Tom Petty  1950-2017

Thoughts. prayers and condolences to the victims of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.....




Show #38 Schmidt Happens

> June 27th, 2017 ---

We lament (partially in jest) the departure of #88 from the Capitals lineup.  Also some good news with 2 key FA signings.  Musings over what to do next in Caps land....

Kind of a short one here, sorry if this one was a bit rushed, way to much life bullSchmidt getting in the way...



Show #37—Waiting ’til Next Year

> June 13th, 2017 ---

Back from the wasting disease, or well...a really bad cold anyway.

The centerpiece of this episode will be the evaluation of this most recent Capitals' playoff failure contained in Ed Frankovic's season ending article. I will point out where we agree and where we don't. Hint--there's not a lot he gets wrong!

Of course before that I'll discuss the end of this year's NHL season as a whole, spoiler alert...the bad guys won again...

Included in that are my grumblings about how the game has been presented both locally and nationally and why I might not be watching them as much.

A roll call of sorts to the men and women, various Caps fans that I have had the pleasure of corresponding and spending time with...didn't forget you, Mrs. you with all my heart and soul.

Stick around for my customary Easter egg which is another quick trip back in Caps' history.



short shift #1

> May 31st, 2017 ---

Have not forgotten all ye few but faithful....


Show #36 Moving on, into the Great Unknown

> May 23rd, 2017 ---

Cathartic last episode, now we all need to move on as Caps fans. At least some of us will anyway, those who are still pining over a certain Predators' forward who was once Capitals' property would beg to differ.

Just my effors in trying to send good your local Caps podcast if you please.

Thanks for listening!


Show #35—Window Supported by Mac….

> May 16th, 2017 ---

Hello elimination my old friend.....

The is the dreaded Post Mortem episode for 2017. A long, agonizing bit of reflection on what went wrong, what could have been and what should be in the year that was supposed to be but wasn't.

Possibilities for who leaves and who stays in the upcoming offseason of uncertainty.

Also, a note to Penguins fans. Don't be so proud. Because you shouldn't be.

And my thanks to all Caps fans/friends both old and new.  

NOTE--special recognition to Robbie Gross whom I unfortunately forgot to mention in my thanks towards the end of the episode. Thanks Robbie for being a true inspiration!

We will be back....Caps and their fans are here to stay.



Show #34 Special Edition: Shoot Down Them Flightless Birds!

> May 2nd, 2017 ---

Need a little excitement? 

Watch a Washington Capitals playoff game!

Many aspects to be covered regarding the progess of this latest series against the Soreheads from Steeltown.  Offense, defense goaltending, we cover it all.

Oh yeah that thing that happened with that Crosby guy and all the junk that goes with it.

Several fans' input into the situation---nice to have fans.

Buckle up and bring plenty of Xanax and Zantac.  You're going to need it!


Show #33 On to Round 2 (and don’t it feel good!!)

> April 25th, 2017 ---

Leaving Toronto in the old rear view!

In this episode we discuss that which obviously went right, and that which went wrong in the first round series against the Leafs.  Also, a player by player evaluation through the whole roster.

Also the final verdict on Schmidt vs. Alzner.  Plus a final, ehh, gesture to the Canadian hockey media.

Penguins, the Caps are coming, and they're playing to win.