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Washington Capitals grumblings and other good stuff about hockey! If you’re a Caps fan, long time or new, Powerplay Point has something for you!


Recorded Feb 28, 2021

We end the month of February on another winning note for our Caps. Anna and I recap another week's worth of action. Our notes include a stinging review of the recent play from a Caps center (hint---it is NOT Backstrom).  We also go over the details of a potential Goal of the Year candidate in one of the games.

In the second part of the episode we honor Black History Month as we welcome one newcomer and a familiar voice to the podcast. Listeners Tyron Waller and Stewart Small speak of their experiences as Caps fans and lend their thoughts and ideas as to the state of the sport and what can be done to improve participation and inclusion from the African-American community.






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Recorded Feb. 21, 2021

With Vrana-like speed Anna the Mermaid and I go through a recap of the previous 5 games---yes 5 thanks to our COVID exile---as only we can. We spare no opinions good or bad as we go over what a sometimes rocky but ultimately successful week.

What follows is an overall analysis of the Caps' performance now that they have hit the quarter mark of this short season.  We are ably assisted as usual by Robbie Gross  of the Sports on the Hill Podcast who provides his usual spot-on observations and commentary. And perhaps some hockey fashion tips?

We end with an appeal to all Caps fans in the African-American community--make your voices heard and come join us next week to tell your stories as Caps fans and what it means to you to be a part of this great group of fans.


Don't forget to join Carroll Porter III with Robbie and Anna for Caps Talk on the Sports on the Hill Podcast every Monday night on Facebook Live and the TRU Radio Network.








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Recorded Feb 9, 2021
Anna returns for another week of Caps analysis. It was a not-so-successful week of games for Our Capitals.  We recap the two games not covered already.  Please catch last week's Sports on the Hill Podcast Caps Talk for our recap of the Feb. 1 game against Boston.
Before that I begin with a brief dedication to two recently fallen giants in the entertainment industry---Larry King and Mary Wilson.
We close with a stern message directed at the NHL's recent (mis)handling of their own COVID19 protocol and how it's affected the Caps as well as the whole league's scheduling.
(apologies for the earlier technical issues.....if you're reading this it should be the full episode)
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Recorded January 31, 2021

Filling in this week for an under-the-weather Anna (No she does NOT have COVID) is my wonderful wife Jennie, that noted mask maker.  We discuss the key concepts to the Caps' success so far this year while recapping this week's results. It is great to be a Caps fan.

Speaking of Caps' fans we present a post by Caps fan Mike Stepp of the Caps Fans Facebook group on the meaning of what it is to be a Washington Capital and why it is the most special bond in sports.





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Recorded Jan. 26, 2021

Better late than never!  Anna and I return for a week#2 evaluation of Our Washington Capitals.  We begin with a brief commentary on the recent disciplinary action due to COIVD 19.

You may notice a trend with the three games that we cover.  See if you can spot some upcoming trends in future games.  The Caps haven't failed to earn points in their games so far, can they keep it up?


For more of the Mermaid, join her, Robbie Gross and Carroll Porter III on the Sports on the Hill Podcast for Caps Talk every Monday night at 9 PM ET on Facebook Live and the TRU Radio Network.





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January 18, 2021

Show #146 Opening week 2021

Recorded January 17, 2012

Hockey NHL style is officially in full swing!

The Mermaid and I go over the first three games worth of action is our unmistakable fan-friendly style. What was good? What was bad?  You'll find out after listening.  But we warn you---no snap judgements (yet) for such a small sample size.  We do offer you what to keep eyes and ears on for you Caps fans however.


Don't forget to catch Anna for Caps on the Sports On The Hill Podcast  hosted by Robbie Gross and Carroll Porter III every Monday night on both the TRU Radio Network and Facebook Live.






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Recorded January 10, 2021

Yes we at the Triple P are back!!!

And we've got you covered (sort of) from A(nna) to Z(deno Chara). No big in-depth analysis here as we're just getting warmed up....

We go over some of the major changes that took place since last we left you as well as what we're hoping to see from Our Caps this year.

Next week we cover the first few of this year's 56-game march to the Playoffs.  Buckle up!


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Recorded Oct. 11, 2020

Anna and I go over the goings-on that occurred with the Caps' Draft picks in the Entry Draft as well as all the Free Agent signings in the past week. Focus will be why the team's #1 pick has a good chance to make a strong impact on the Caps' fortunes in the near future.

We close with some parting words for Braden Holtby, he of The Save which helped bring the Cup to the DMV 2 years ago. Treat him well Vancouver, you've got a good one!

Hopefully it won't take as long for the NHL to decide when to start playing again but until then all of us here at the PPP would like to thank all of our listeners for sticking with us.  We promise to be back very very soon wherever there is news about Our Caps.




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September 6, 2020

Short shift Sep 6, 2020

My solo take on the Caps coaching interviewees....

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Recorded August 23, 2020

It hurts to say it, read it or type it but no matter how you look at it there is no more Caps hockey for this season....

Anna and I talk about (at the time of the recording at least) the recent event of Todd Reirden's firing. I go over what went wrong while Anna eloquently grumbles....

We also go over some very big questions/decisions facing our Caps this offseason, however long it may be.  Yes Braden Holtby is one of them.  No we don't have any idea if he will be back. Yes I have an idea for a backup.....oops....

We at the PPP would like to thank each and every one of our listeners for giving us their time.  Thanks for keeping the faith.  If I forgot to mention you during the episode, my deepest apologies.

As always we are open to suggestions, comments and questions for the show. Keep in touch!

Twitter: @blueliner98 or @Aknox49

or join Our Facebook Page today!   LET'S GO CAPS!!!!





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