Show #32–Blowing the Leafs

> April 18th, 2017 ---

Ok. Here. We. Are.  Again.

I know it looks bad, but....

Four scores and seven periods ago....

Don't fire 'til you see the whites of their jerseys...?

Look, if you want panic go somewhere else. That said this will be one Caps fan that isn't taking the progress (or lack thereof) in this series lightly. There's no need for a rallying cry just yet, it's only been 3 games.

We will discuss what has gone right so far (not a lot) and what has gone wrong (a lot). Some expert opinion on one of the main causes for how this series has gone.  And of course, why it's not a bad idea to keep the faith.





Show #31—Pop the Spring and Jerk the Curtain, the Caps have arrived at the 2017 Playoffs!

> April 11th, 2017 ---

Well here we are.  Finally.

A brief-as-I-can-make-it preview of the other seven series.

And how I believe the series against the Maple Leafs will go.  What to look for, who to listen to and MOST importantly who NOT to listen to.

This is it Caps fans.  Cheer your loudest, do whatever it is you have to do.

Because it begins now.

Well, Thursday night more accurately but you get the point....




Show #30 Last Ride to the Playoffs

> April 4th, 2017 ---

Welcome Caps fans!

Naturally we'll discuss not-so-Caps news for the first half.  But these are important to hockey.  Plus how could I pass up a chance to make fun of the Commissioner? Also, a triumph for women's hockey in the USA.  And the misadventures of a hated rival.

In Caps news, we go over the current road trip and what to look for in tonight's game. Plus kudos to an unsung Swede who's earned a moment in the NHL spotlight for a, not the one you're thinking of.  Plus could it be goodbye for our beloved backup?




Show #29–Playoffs here we stumble!

> March 21st, 2017 ---

Ugh, another Left Coast trip sees the Caps retun in a state of being Californication...

But it looks like our boys have gotten things back on track.  Also, I weigh in on an internal debate between defenseman and playing time.

We also celebrate a new fan celebrity among our ranks, none other than a gentleman from across the sea I'm proud to call a friend.  I retell the story of his awesome soothsaying during a recent game.

In other news there are playoffs that are in the process of just getting to a looooong start.  And there is the conclusion of the other Cup.

Winding up the show is a look back at a former Caps' goalie who uh has our number.  Enjoy!




Show #28—ANGRY ROBOTS!!!!

> March 7th, 2017 ---

Ladies and gentlemen Our Washington Capitals have done it again.  They went out last night and laid an egg of a game.  Because they had no heart.  Because they didn't feel like playing like they wanted to.

Needless to say I am not happy about it. And when I'm not happy I like to let the world know about it.

Also, I kinda need some downloads stats uppped my way or at least some kindly donations.  Anything O ye few but faithful decide to do is fine by me.






Show #27—Special Edition: Beam me up Shattenkirk!

> February 28th, 2017 ---

Back from hiatus and it feels so mediocre.  Doing this one off the cuff (how else?) and my apologies for not getting out there ssoner.  So we all know what happened, the question is this---does this deal finally put our belved Caps over the top?  That question and others to be answered. Hopefully.


Show #26 OPENING NIGHT 2016-17!!!!!

> October 11th, 2016 ---


of the NHL....

Yes what a long strange journey it's been.  And speaking of journeys Our Washington Capitals are one one right now. So yes there will be a brief history of NHL and a rallying cry to go forth to 2017 with nothing less than Frederick Arthur's Chalice in hand when it's all over.

But not without some groveling and begging first.

Confused?  You might be after this newest episode.

Show #25 You Have Chosen Wisely

> September 17th, 2016 ---

Beware the False Grail!

On this my 25th episode I spend approximately 25 minutes putting to shame the NHL's latest attempt to sully the sport of hockey.  Will they never learn?  But if you're Jonesing for real hockey and aren't we all, I have something of a preview for the upcoming season.  Some thoughts as well on our as yet final unsigned free agent...hope he comes home soon.

Show #24 Moves Like BMac

> June 29th, 2016 ---

Welcome to Vegas, baby!  Sort of....In this eppy we give the once over with regards to the latest NHL franchise and end of season awards that were doled out.  Some thought is given to next year's Expansion Draft and its consequences.  We also go over the Caps' picks in the 2016 Entry Draft as well as other related events.

Editor's note---Yes I do know that Jakob Chychrun was actually taken by Arizona and not Ottawa. However, due to unforeseen technical issues I was unable to correct this on tape, so my apologies.

Bonus content for hanging charge!

Show #23 Gordie Howe Dedication broadcast

> June 14th, 2016 ---

Congratulations you bastards from that nasty ass excuse of a that that's out of the way we can get on to more important things.  Like why the PHWA sucks.

RIP Gordie Howe.  I will do my Blueliner best to honor the man who truly earned the nickname of Mr.. Hockey.

An "easter egg" of sorts after the end.  My commentary on recent events.  Feel free to skip if you feel you might be offended.