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Washington Capitals grumblings and other good stuff about hockey! If you’re a Caps fan, long time or new, Powerplay Point has something for you!


Recorded April 23, 2018

Our Washington Capitals are on the comeback trail.  Can they take the series tonight?  We shall see.  But the recent mass silence in the last home game is giving us extreme pause.  So much so that I felt the need to appeal to ALL CAPS fans everywhere.  Please listen and take it to heart.

Anna-noyance meter: 2.8





Link to aforementioned YouTube video


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Recorded April 16, 2017

Caps fans: Feeling like you're on the ledge and want to jump? You're not alone, but Anna and I have your Caps playoff survival guide. Right here!

Yes Our Washington Capitals are providing us fans the ultimate body blow with their results. We will explain why and how.

And yet all is not lost.  Again we will tell you why and how.

Keep the faith!  It takes four wins to advance.  Not two.

Anna-noyance meter: 5.7




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Recorded April 11, 2018

Anna has returned and we are both amped for this year's playoffs!

We both go over why this is the best and most awesome time of year to be a Caps fan--despite past history.

And we both share what we hope to have happen in this first round in the chase for hockey's Ultimte Prize.

Enough talk, DROP THE DAMN PUCK!!!


Anna-noyance meter: 4.9

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Recorded April 8, 2018

Anna is off for this episode...

Christian Levesque of the True Caps Fans Facebook room joins the show again to provide his seasoned analysis of both the Caps' play of late as well as what to expect for this year's run at the Stanley Cup.

Among other notes and observations he also provides who he believes is the team's X factor going into the first round and beyond as well as his choice for the goaltending duties.

And yes Chris and I discuss the black-and-yellow elephant in the room...or are they?

Please join Anna and I later in the week for our regular show.  But be sure to enjoy this one first--lots of quality information here and reason to hope if you're a Washington Capitals fan!


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April 7, 2018

short shift #3

Putting this quick one out to shed like that on 3 recent tragedies in the hockey world.

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Recorded the evening of April 2, 2018

Apologies to the Sports on the Hill Podcast for a bit of borrowing that I did as I was inspired by Robbie Gross' post game FB live after the March 29th game.

This one gets a bit....PG-13 at times.  Make sure the children are in bed when you listen.

Anna and I along with you the Caps' fan take another ride into the sunset of the regular season and straight into another playoffs adventure. In this episode we go over various aspects of the team's play of late including, but not limited to:

1. The addition of #63 Shane Gersich

2. Our ongoing debate over T J Oshie

3. The goaltending situation

A reminder that, if you can't get enough of Anna, you can catch her on the Caps talk session on Sports on the Hill Monday nights at 7 pm.

Also, stay tuned for a special Playoff Preview episode to be recorded this Saturday night during the season finale against the New Jersey Devils; hopefully to air just before the start of the first round series.




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Recorded March 26, 2018

Our Washington Capitals are riding another win streak.  But could they be playing better?  Anna and I have yet another one of our usual disagreements over this very same question.

Also, some love for recent acquisitions Michal Kempny and Shane Gersich, the latter being from UND so he's already a favorite of my Mrs.

Please leave a comment in whatever podcast vehicle you use or at our Facebook page

Also, please be sure to catch the Sports on the Hill Podcast Monday evenings, Anna is helping out with the hockey correspondence there. Thanks once again to Carroll Porter III and Robbie Gross.

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email glhallowed@yahoo.com

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Anna-noyance meter: 8.5




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Recorded March 19, 2018

We are back from a week off...which finds us lamenting the same old Caps, unfortunately.  Lots of ups and yes quite a few downs.  Anna and I discuss multiple issues including, but not limited to:

1. The recent California road trip

2. The most recent game played as of this recording against the Philadelphia Flyers

3. The so-called "goaltending controversy"

Be sure to get your fill of additional Caps talk (featuring Anna) and all things DC Sports at the Sports on the Hill Podcast, hosted by Carroll Porter III and Robbie Gross.


Anna-noyance meter: 7.7


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Recorded March 6, 2018.

Anna and I reflect on a short week of hockey in Caps' world which featured the Stadium Series game in Annapolis, Maryland. This also features her appearance Sports on the Hill Podcast this past Monday.

Speaking of that game we have an old friend of mine, Ron Schronce, who attended the game spend time with us and give his story as an eyewitness to both the game and the festivities. If you didn't have the opportunity to be there yourself you'll want to listen to his every word as he describes what it was like.

I would like to personally apologize to our loyal listeners for the lateness of this episode.  Way too much crap I barely had any control over, but no excuses.  Thanks for listening! 

Anna-noyance meter 1.8

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Recorded Feb. 27, 2018.  FB Live segment recorded Sunday, Feb. 25.

The still recovering Anna and I run down (among other things):

--the most recent Monday Live appearance on Sports OTHP

--the answer to Robbie's trivia question from same

--What is wrong with Braden Holtby?

--Is it time to fire Coach Barry Trotz?

--USA Women bring home GOLD!


Anna-noyance meter: 8.2


Bonus content:  FB Live segment talking trade deadline rumors as well as stellar analysis from Carroll Porter III.

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