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Washington Capitals grumblings and other good stuff about hockey! If you’re a Caps fan, long time or new, Powerplay Point has something for you!


Recorded Dec 4, 2017

Anna and I are invitees to a Caps Roundtable discussion, courtesy of the Sports on the Hill Podcast.  But not before we get into our own take on the last week or so of Caps' action.

For those who wish to catch the show independently, here is the link.

Mad love to Robbie Gross and Carroll Porter III!

https://www.facebook.com/SportsOTHP/   is where you can catch their show, Mondays at 7 pm LIVE.

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Recorded Nov. 27. 2017

This one's going to be a long one....

Anna and I reunite now that the holiday is overwith for a reCap of the last week and a half gone by in the world of Our Washington Capitals. Basically you can call it a Clint Eastwood episode because there's:

The Good (Caps current win streak)

The Bad  (Caps struggles before said win streak)

The Ugly (Stephen Peat's tragic struggles) 

And what's Thanksgiving without an internal squabble?  Yes we have that too!

Continuing the love for the Sports on the Hill Podcast

Listen and enjoy!


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Happy Thanksgiving to all Washington Capitals fans!

ICYMI, here is my call in guest turn at the Sports on the Hill Podcast, but not before some blubbering as I have a list of people to thank and be thankful for...thanks Robbie and Carroll!

Bless all you listeners new and old, Caps fans from '74 or from this year...you're all great.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the show over the years.  

Thank you Anna.  Thanks Caps fans.

Thank you Jennie.


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Recorded Nov. 14, 2017

Happy belated Veterans' Day to those who have served!

Another week of improved play has brought the Caps within a playoff spot.  Anna and I go over what has (mostly) gone right for the team.

Anna had paid a visit to the Kettler facility and took in the morning skate this past Sunday.  She has come prepared with a full report of what she saw. Beware Capitals players, this teacher doesn't grade on a curve!

Also, a special message to all--please participate in the fight against cancer, we will show you where on both the Caps' and NHL sites.




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It's good to be a Caps fan!

Anna and I are back for another week of Caps commentary.  I detail my time on the Sports on the Hill podcast---my segment is about 20 minutes in, hope you enjoy!  Much love to Carroll Porter III and Robbie Gross for having me on.

Our Washington Capitals find themselves on a winning streak....it has happened before.  The question is, can they keep it going?

Comments and thoughts about who's playing well....and some about who may not be playing as well.

Spoiler Alert--much love (OK maybe not THAT much) given by Anna to the recent boss-like play of one Tom Wilson.  Deal with it.

Previews of games to come before the weather tells us we're headed into winter.

Please listen on Apple Podcasts, Mixcloud, the Podbean app and at the show site.

RIP Carol Amundsen.  46:20  for the dedication.



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Recorded October 31, 2017

Hello Washington Capitals fans everywhere!

Riding alone this week to recap the annual Western Canada road trip which wasn't as fruitful as we'd hoped. Highlights and lowlights we've got it all...hoping next week gets better. Upcoming guests and other appearances about the show in the coming week say they will.  Keep a positive attitude fellow Caps fans...

Fans of Anna--fear not, she WILL be back next week.

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Hello Caps fans in and around DC, Maryland and Virginia!  Thanks for listening.

To begin, please accept our humble apologies as Anna and I just barely were able to get this episode recorded. We make no excuses but we were plagued by technical difficulties and so the audio quality is not as great as we try to make it.  We thank you for sticking with us and promise to do better next episode and beyond.

More injuries to report, both league wide and with our Washington Capitals...but we try to help keep things in perspective for you the Caps fan.

We face off in our first debate which centers on the main problem with the Caps, other than the recent injuries---the young guys. Not to spoil anything so let's just say Anna has a tougher approach to things. 

listen on the podbean site: blueliner77.podbean.com  and on Apple podcasts and Mixcloud



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Record Date: October 16, 2017

Anna and I are back for another week of Caps coverage, we take you though Week #2...and the Caps certainly played like a big pile of #2. 'Nuff said. Topics include the injury to Matt Niskanen, scenarios both long and short term for replacing him, potential solutions for the Defense and the team going forward as well as a look at the next 2 weeks' worth of scheduled games.

As always, Anna will be chiming (charming) in with her keen observations, thoughts and musings from her unique point of view...

available at Apple Podcasts, the Podbean app and as always at: blueliner77.podbean.com

Please listen/download..comments and donations greatly appreciated!




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Recorded Oct. 10. 2017

Thanks to all our listeners!

Superfan Anna Knox joins me again for another round of Caps hockey talk at the Point...

This episode recaps the week that was including the historic exploits of the Great Eight totaling a 7 spot in his first two games. Plus Nate Walker's historic first game as an NHLer and a Cap. Whoooole lotta history going on!

We also discuss the first loss of the season against the Lightning and what went wrong. SPOILER ALERT: it wasn't the goaltending! Because Anna said so!

RIP Dave Strader (1955-2017) Don't forget this is Hockey Fights Cancer month.

Listen to us via Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes) and at blueliner77.podbean.com

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Back(strom) for more!

We open the Caps's 44th season and the other half of the "we" is my good friend Anna Knox! She brings a fresh perspective and will share her thoughts and observations on our Caps starting here in this episode.  Also new this season to the show is the new intro/outro music supplied by guitar genius Joe McAllister AKA Slowey Joey.

Anna and I discuss the goings on during the preseason, how the roster is taking shape, etc.  There's also extended commentary about a certain player who will be starting the season in the press box thanks to the Department of Player Safety.  Plus an outlook on how the Caps will fare given all the new faces and the increased competition they will be up against this year.

To close, we will also give our opinions on a topic that has affected sports and now might show itself in the NHL--the National Anthem protests.

RIP Tom Petty  1950-2017

Thoughts. prayers and condolences to the victims of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas.....



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