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Washington Capitals grumblings and other good stuff about hockey! If you’re a Caps fan, long time or new, Powerplay Point has something for you!


Recorded June 12, 2018

The title says it all! Our Washington Capitals have captured Lord Stanley's Cup!

This episode airs in two parts.  In Part One, Anna and I briefly recap the ridiculously exciting Game 5 Cup clinching efforts. We also go our separate ways in celebrating the Caps' historic win.  One of us got to drink quite a lot of beer,  the other listened to a lot of inappropriate music and came away with a bit of a sunburn. But both of us were overjoyed.

In Part Two, we are joined on an Uberconference call in segment by none other than the awesome Christian Levesque from the True Caps Fans Facebook group. He provides some sage perspective on how the Caps finally made it to the top as well as the meaning of the win for all of us fans.

My apologies for the lateness of this episode, this playoffs run has been both exhilarating and exhausting for both our Caps and we the fans and Anna and I certainly aren't exempt from that.




No Anna-noyance meter this week....for obvious reasons

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Recorded June 5, 2018

Our Washington Capitals are just ONE win away from achieving what many called the impossible dream--a Stanley Cup victory!

Along with our very special guest, Robbie Gross from the Sports on the Hill Podcast, Anna and I recap games 3 and 4 in the Final series.  Among other topics we discuss the secrets of success so far for the Caps.

Robbie also provides some much needed clarity with regard to the viewing party admission situation.

NOTE: We were also supposed to have Christian Levesque from True Caps Fans on the show as well but he could not attend due to an unforseen emergency.

Don't forget to catch the Sports on the Hill Podcast Live on facebook at: facebook.com/SportsOTHP  Mondays at 7 pm.








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Recorded June 1, 2018

Anna and I bust out this Special Edition of the Triple P to provide coverage of the Caps in their second Stanley Cup Final appearance ever.  And evcerybody is making the most of it.

We have a surprise Special Guest drop in us adding his most excellent analysis and information. I'll give you one hint--his name rhymes with Gurney Wheel.

Topics of discussion--The Save (how can you NOT mention it?) and an unlikely (Game Winning) goal scorer.

We also take time to address listener correspondences including one detailed question about the suspension process.

Not unlike Our Washington Capitals, we had our share of adversity during the recording (thank you so damn much Skype) but also like our Caps we have persevered to bring you what we hope is a very entertaining and informative survival guide in the form of a fan podcast.  We humbly thank all our loyal listeners for sticking by us and our team.


Anna-noyance meter: 7.5

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May 27, 2018

Show #70—Final Straw

Recorded May 27. 2018

It is on to Las Vegas. Sin City. America's Playground.  However you call it, it is where the 2018 Stanley Cup Final will be played.  And our Washington Capitals will BE THERE!!

Anna and I moment to reflect on how and especially what the Caps won this past round---the Prince of Wales Trophy. SPOILER ALERT---there will be a history lesson. But then it wouldn't be the triple P without one.

Other topics of discussion--Is it Final or Final(s)? Is Vegas a 'deserving team"?

We also take some listener questions about the upcoming series. And we make one final plea to our fellow Caps fans to keep up the energy and intensity up and not let up until that glorious silver chalice is in Captain Alex Ovechkin's hands.


Anna-noyance meter 20+

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Recorded April 30, 2018

We are in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the Capitals surging past Columbus only to face an all too familiar foe.  So far the series is even at one apiece.

Anna and I, in our own entertaining way, go over these first two games and try to keep up the positivity we Caps fans will need for the rest of this round.  And also some good things happening ON the ice as well.

Keep your favorite beverage handy and enjoy!


Anna-noyance meter: 9.8




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April 7, 2018

short shift #3

Putting this quick one out to shed like that on 3 recent tragedies in the hockey world.

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Recorded March 6, 2018.

Anna and I reflect on a short week of hockey in Caps' world which featured the Stadium Series game in Annapolis, Maryland. This also features her appearance Sports on the Hill Podcast this past Monday.

Speaking of that game we have an old friend of mine, Ron Schronce, who attended the game spend time with us and give his story as an eyewitness to both the game and the festivities. If you didn't have the opportunity to be there yourself you'll want to listen to his every word as he describes what it was like.

I would like to personally apologize to our loyal listeners for the lateness of this episode.  Way too much crap I barely had any control over, but no excuses.  Thanks for listening! 

Anna-noyance meter 1.8

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Recorded Jan. 22, 2018

It has been a rough last few games for Our Washington Capitals.  And though the Federal Government has shut down (temporarily) we will soldier on as only we can to deliver our quality analysis of the situation.

First phase is our customary recap of the last few games.  Anna provides her insights on what she saw. I will warn you...the Caps losing does tend to put me in a VERY bad mood. So if you don't like hearing Mom and Dad fight, you may want to sit this one out...

Further analysis is ably provided by Friend of the Show Christian Levesque with his usual spot-on takes on the Caps' play as of late. His quotes can be viewd at the link below.  Others from the True Caps Fans FB site such as Tony Olcott and Bernie Diehl also offer their takes on the Caps' recent skid.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/DCTCF/ if you wish to join this awesome group of Caps fans!

Don't forget to check out the Sports on the Hill Podcast for more indepth coverage of all things DC sports.

And please visit the show site page to catch up on past episodes and donate!

Anna-noyance meter:  7.3




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June 27, 2017

Show #38 Schmidt Happens

We lament (partially in jest) the departure of #88 from the Capitals lineup.  Also some good news with 2 key FA signings.  Musings over what to do next in Caps land....

Kind of a short one here, sorry if this one was a bit rushed, way to much life bullSchmidt getting in the way...


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May 31, 2017

short shift #1

Have not forgotten all ye few but faithful....

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